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Retrospective Screening Honoring ALDO TAMBELLINI

Recipient of the 2007 SIFF Lifetime Achievement Award


Armory Square | 500 South Franklin St. | Syracuse, NY 13202 |

Thursday, April 19, 8:00pm - 10:00pm, Bristol IMAX Omnitheater

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Aldo Tambellini was born in Syracuse, New York in 1930 and was taken to Italy at the age of eighteen months where he lived in Lucca (Tuscany), Italy. At the age of ten he was enrolled in the Scuola D'Arte, Augusto Passaglia and studied there until he was sixteen. His neighborhood was bombed during World War II (21 of his friends and neighbors died). In 1946, Aldo returned to the United States. For his artistic talents, he received a full scholarship to study Art at Syracuse University where he earned his B.F.A. in Painting in 1954. Subsequently, Aldo was awarded a Teaching Fellowship at the University of Notre Dame studying under world-renowned artist, Ivan Mastrovic graduating with a Masters Degree in Sculpture in 1959. Aldo moved to New York City at the end of 1959. He was the founder of the artistic group called "Group Center", an active counter-culture movement organizing group exhibitions, anti-Vietnam demonstrations, multi-media events and collaborative performances.

He founded the Gate Theatre the only daily public theatre showing avant-garde independent filmmakers in New York City. He, also, co-founded, with Otto Piene, the Black Gate, a second theatre, which held live multi-media performances and installations. In the late '60s he was a pioneer of the movement of alternative video (non-broadcast TV). Aldo won the International Grand Prix, Oberhausen Film Festival, 1969 for his "Black TV" now in a collection of the Museum of Modern Art (NYC) where he held a One-Man Film Show. There is practically no major museum or video venue in which his work has not been seen.

Part I
Aldo's connection to Syracuse and Syracuse University Paintings from the 40's and 50's and photographs from 1948 documenting his neighborhood.

Part II
Artistic Development in NYC
Black Film Series 1966-1968
Video, Electromedia Performances and Broadcast
Black Spiral, broadcasting live.
Moondial- created by Aldo Tambellini and performed by Beverly Schmidt, The Dom, NYC, 1966. Film by Judd Yalkut.
Black Gate Cologne with Otto Piene-WDR TV Cologne Germany-1st national television broadcast by artists, 1968. Video will be shown.
The Medium is the Medium-1st television broadcast by artists at WGBH, Boston, MA, 1969. Video will be shown.
Atlantic in Brooklyn, the Life of a Street, 1973.
Selected parts of this "video verite'" will be shown.

Part III
Video, Technology and Communication at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT:
Picturephone- 1st videophone 2 way-live event by artists Illinois Bell
Telephone with Sonia Sheridan Chicago Art Institute, 1977. Video segment.
Moonblack performance with TV by Sarah Dickinson Carpenter Center, Harvard University, 1978. Projected photographs.
Artists Use of Telecommunication-an international event. Slow-scan and computer conference link, MIT with "Communicationsphere" and other countries, 1980.
From the Series of "Television about Television": Inauguration '81-the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan 1981. Video Listen a digital film combining social and political poetry with mass media imagery and animation: An anti-war statement, 2005.