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30th New England Film and Video Festival | Brookline, MA

Experimental Short Film by Aldo Tambellini is a First Prize Winner
at the 30th New England Film and Video Festival

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | November 11, 2005
CONTACT: Producer Anna Salamone at 860 306-1753 or 617 576-9581

Aldo Tambellini, counter-culture rebel of the 60’s New York art scene, a video and multi media pioneer and award winning filmmaker was awarded First Place in the “Experimental Short by an Independent Filmmaker” category at last weekend’s New England Film and Video Festival, held October 6-10 at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA.

Listen, makes a powerful anti-war statement.  It is based on Tambellini’s poetry and is an experimental work that confronts today’s political world situation through the spoken word, visual poetry, written text and mass media imagery appropriation.  A segment includes sound and video clips of the artwork of Iraqi children exhibited at the Cambridge Multi-Cultural Center, Cambridge, MA. from the show “Shocked and Awed” funded by the Puffin Foundation.

The digital video was co-edited and co-directed by long time friend and colleague, Anthony Tenczar, Professor of Communication Arts Department at University of New Hampshire, Manchester, N.H..  Their professional relationship began in the early 1980’s when Tambellini was a Fellow at MIT in the Center for Advanced Visual Studies and Tenczar was working at the cable television station at MIT.  They collaborated on several creative international telecommunications projects under the name of Communicationsphere.

Listen was presented at the HOWL Festival in NYC in August of 2004.  James Wines, Founder of “Sculpture in the Environment” (SITE), New York City, said of the digital  video “Listen….is extremely relevant in the context of today’s world and represents a new creative direction in Aldo’s work.  It combines video, film, computer and Aldo’s poetic readings in a collage of powerful insights related to the war in Iraq and the issue of humanity’s destructive behavior in general.

In 1969, 36 years earlier, Aldo Tambellini created one of the first and best known short experimental film about television called “Black TV.”  This film won the Grand Prix at the Oberhausen Film Festival, Germany.   The film, distributed widely by Grove Press is now in the collection of the Harvard Film Archives, the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian Institute.

The winning films and videos will begin a tour of screenings at various locations.

The same film, "Listen" is now one of the films chosen to be screened at the Potenza Film Festival in Potenza, Italy