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ALDO TAMBELLINI'S LATERNA MAGICA. Review by Patricio Maya | My cell phone rang at midnight. It was Anna Salamone, telling me Aldo Tambellini was now ready to talk. I had spoken with Salamone --the artist's curator and companion-- several times before, but not with Tambellini. "You can call me Aldo. I’m not into formalities or anything like that," he said. He was open and had a hearty, generous laughter. I quickly forgot I was talking to an 80-year-old man whose most celebrated experimental films were made in New York's Lower East Side during the 60s and 70s, long before I was born. ... | Visual Overture, Summer 2010.  more

WITH ART IN HIS HEART. Review by Letizia Airos | She has been with him for only 4 years yet she speaks of him as if she had known him forever. Aldo is not well, he has to have heart surgery soon and we cannot interview him, but his special story must be told because a few know it. Anna was born in Sicily and immigrated to the United States when she was 8 years old. Aldo, was then, coming off the ship with his family. So much time has passed. After this strange coincidence life continued on its course till 4 years ago. ... | Magazine OGGI 7, Westwood/NJ, February 2006.  more

A REBEL, BETWEEN PAST AND FUTURE. Review by Letizia Airos | You could listen to him for hours, days on end; his words are of an intense existence. Aldo Tambellini relates pieces of his life and lets himself take off on a roll, only slowed down by his companion, Anna, who, tirelessly tries to sort everything out. ... | Italian/American Digital Project, October 1, 2007  more

ALDO TAMBELLINI. Note by Phil Hartman | Cambridge's Aldo Tambellini, Visual Artist, Filmmaker, Video Pioneer, MIT Fellow, Political Poet and Activist, to have mini-retrospective of his extensive media work at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater for New York's HOWL Festival 2004. Aldo, labeled the "Syracuse Rebel in New York" by the Syracuse Post Standard, burst into the scene of New York's Lower East Side, at the beginning of the 60's and quickly became involved in its social, political and artistic activities. | New York's HOWL Festival 2004.  more

ALDO TAMBELLINI: BIRTH OF GENIUS. Review by Lisa Paul Streitfeld. | I was headed to Cambridge for an event at the Harvard Film Archives, presented by its erudite director Haden Guest, whose razor sharp introduction cut to the heart of the matter: the timeless value of the artist’s groundbreaking work in experimental film in the 1960s. ... | Critical Theory, New York 2010.  more

ALDO TAMBELLINI: MULTIMEDIA ARTIST & POET | Aldo Tambellini was born in Syracuse, New York in 1930 and was taken to Italy at the age of eighteen months where he lived in Lucca (Tuscany), Italy. At the age of ten he was enrolled in the Scuola D’Arte, Augusto Passaglia and studied there until he was sixteen. His neighborhood was bombed during World War II (21 of his friends and neighbors died). In 1946, Aldo returned to the United States. For his artistic talents, he received a full scholarship to study Art at the University of Syracuse where he earned his B.F.A. in Painting in 1954. ... | in: Contemporary Italian American Writing, New York, Dec 2004.  more