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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.



click and viewLURIE, Boris: NO!art in Buchenwald - Gedichtigtes/Geschriebigtes, Stuttgart 2003 | With contributions by his friends Baj, Baratella, Brown, Brunet, Brus, Erro, Fabricius, Gatewood, Georges, Gerz, Gilman, Goldman, Golub, Goodman, Hallmann, Kaprow, Kirves, Kusama, Kuzminsky, Lebel, Levitt, Long, Patterson, Rancillac, Salles, Salmon, Stuart, Tambellini, Theuerkauf, Tobocman, Toche, Tsuchiya, Vostell, and Wolf.  more

Poems, book coverTAMBELLINI, Aldo: War, Voices in War Time, Seattle, WA, 2005 | The mental scars of the World War II experience are deeply embedded in Aldo Tambellini's psyche. The Day of the Epiphany, in Italy, is when children receive gifts from La Befana, a beloved witch who comes down from the mountains with a donkey carrying baskets full of presents. On that Epiphany Day, January 6, 1944, Aldo's neighborhood was bombed. Twenty-one of his neighbors and friends died and he miraculously survived. The impact of the bombing is described, with a few simple lines, in his first poem written in Italian when he returned to the United States ...   more

PATTERSON, Clayton (eds): Captured, New York 2005 The definitive anthology of New York’s underground cinema, in its creators’ own words. New York’s Lower East Side has been a fountain of creativity and art since the early 1950s, a free-wheeling bazaar of ideas and artists that has challenged and shaped mainstream culture. Captured tells the story of film and video in the Lower East Side and the East Village in the artists’ own words.  more

Contribution: Aldo Tambellini, A Syracuse Rebel in New York, p 41-56

Brooklyn History BlogspotPeriod Brooklyn Photos | Brooklyn History Blogspot, New York 2008 | with shots from Atlantic Avenue & Flatbush Avenue in 1972 + Woman Crossing Atlantic Avenue, 1972 + Three Men on a Sidewalk in Brooklyn, 1972 + Looking East on Atlantic Avenue at Dusk in 1972.  more