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FACEBOOK on Nov 12 through Nov 15, 2020

Aldo Tambellini Art Foundation: Our beloved Aldo has returned to the big black space in the universe. In the beginning all was black. Rest In Peace Aldo. April 29th 1930 to November 12th 2020.

Amelia Is: Aldo Tambellini. Suspended in space, suspended in space, suspended in space* My dear friend has passed after 90 incredible years. Aldo has been a significant part of my life since first getting in touch with him 8 years ago... he has collaborated with and inspired so many people across the world with his radical art and ideas... Thank you Anna for taking such good care of Aldo and for making sure that we got a chance to speak to him yesterday. We are dedicated to assuring that he will live on and that he will be remembered.

André Habib: I'm so deeply moved and heartbroken by the news of the passing of an incredible artist and human being, Aldo Tambellini. An influence on so many beautiful artists and one of the true great creative forces of nature I was lucky to encounter. Among the great pioneers of experimental film and video, poet, painter, performer, his work still needs to be rediscovered and given its place in the history of the avant-garde. With Hors champ, I had the incredible pleasure of inviting him in Montreal for a three night event, back in October 2013, curated by the wonderful Giulio Bursi and Pia Bolognesi and presented during the FNC.
We showed his 16mm films (that Harvard Film Archive had just restored) and a video programme. My dear friends Daïchi Saïto and Julie de Lorimier were in the booth the first night, running among other things, a perfectly synched 2 screen 16mm of Black TV. One of the most powerful screenings I have witnessed.
We also were also able to recreate his historical performance of Moondial (1966). A true feat that requires a dancer (the incredible Sophie Gaspard), a drummer (the inspired Anthony Pageot), 2 35mm slide projectors and a 16mm film projector on a moving pedestal. A masterpiece. My super talented friends Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt and Steve Bates paid hommage to his musical genius with a live performance on a selection of unedited footage found at HFA, brilliantly arranged by Giulio and Pia. Both those performances were recorded and are available on Zoom Out. They are truly incredible:

It was such a privilege to be with Aldo and his wife Anna during these days in Montreal. Such devotion, precision, generosity, rigour, humour, intelligence. I know many have been witness these past few years of his emotion, seeing younger people, completely enthralled by his work. It was such a moving thing to see. A great, rare, complete and radical artist.
Aldo, dear friend, you will be dearly missed. Anna, our hearts are with you. Rest in power. Black lives on.

Anthology of Liberation Poetry: From Elder to Ancestor Poet, Multimedia Artist, Activist, Radical Humanist ALDO TAMBELLINI (April 29th 1930 to November 12th 2020) Beloved Comrade: Rest in Power & Poetry . #aldotambellini #liberationpoetry

Ashley Rose: The great Italian artist, multimedia inventor and poet Aldo Tambellini #AldoTambellini passed last night. His stories about the Black Buffalo Soldiers saving him after the Nazis bomb his village (when other white solider were too scared to help) will live on. He then dedicated his life to BLACKNESS. He made it his mission to highlight the Black Arts Movement in museums and through multimedia. He was friends with Panthers. He was a true ally through art and activism.
For over a decade he treated me like a daughter. Aldo, I'll hold you postcards, pictures and poetry a little closer. Covid-19 or not we sending you home right Aldo. Red scarf and all. I'll miss talking about Black Holes with you, but I know as a Supernova you transitioned to the next galaxy of Blackness with love ??. Love you Anna.

Claudio Cané: "We are made of the same substance as dreams". William Shakespeare

DaeGyeom Heo: RIP Aldo Tambellini

Dan Koff: Today I mourn a giant of expanded cinema and consciousness, an inspiration to constantly push the boundaries of oneself, one's art, and one's connection to their community. Aldo Tambellini reached past the horizon and into the cosmos. I'll miss you dear friend.
"while you live
be alive
knowing life on this planet
is a short trip to death
seize the time
or in time
time will seize you."
An excerpt from Aldo's book of poetry, Listen, "if the poem is graffiti," 1995

Denim Lillo: Goodbye my friend and thank you for your massive artistic contribution to this world.

Derek Walmsley: That is sad news. Some great work. Diego Jiménez Tamame: Today the world is a bit darker. Aldo Tambellini left us. He was a true inspiration, as a man and as an artist. Just having the honor of speaking with him was one of the most special things that have ever happened to me. I will always be thankful for his words, his generosity and his support for my work, also from all the fantastic people that he was always surrounded by. You are one with darkness today Aldo, and we all have lost your light. You will be missed, but never forgotten.

Dietmar Kirves: I mourn for the loss of my NO!art friend Aldo. You supported my art studio work. I miss you and your creative activities. Much success in the eternity. Your voice will be always in my mind until we shall meet us again in the eternal hunting ground. NO!art goes on.

Doug Sheer: I originally got to know Aldo and Elsa around 1969 and continously through the 1970s. I was first a client and eventually ran the Egg Store ... the facility that served video pioneers like Nam-June Paik, Bill Viola, Peter Campus and Yoko ... and Aldo & Elsa. Ultimately, I became manager when Mark Brownstone departed.
A vivid memory for me is how hard up for materials and everything else they were, despite living on the premier loft block of West Broadway just above Prince Street. Periodically, I would visit them at their loft and feast on fried pasta (yesterday's pasta). It was delicious. It meant Aldo had chosen to buy a gallon of black house paint instead of food. Aldo was a true artist ... passionate, brash, committed and generally inspiring to be around. A real video pioneer.
In recent years I caught up some with him, even though he's been ill. I'll be missing him.

Eddy Toussaint Tontongi: Our good friend, poet, painter and multimedia artist/pioneer Aldo Tambellini passed away today, Nov. 12, at Mass General Hospital in Boston, MA. He was 90 years old. Aldo was an authentic soul, a true fighter for racial equality and social justice. He defended Black civil rights and human dignity in general until the end. Aldo was a founding member of Liberation Poetry Collective. You can see him in this picture on the right with other members of the LPC. All our condolences and love to his family, his nephew Paul, and to his compañera and sweetheart Anna Salamone. May his beautiful spirit and legacy stay alive!

Elizabeth Goldring: Aldo always said he and Otto were brothers: The War, Black Gate, Black Gate Cologne, The Sky, Sky Art, CAVS, Interfaces, Communicationsphere, The Sphere, The Cosmos - at last full circle - at last rejoined - free of any gravity. Aldo, my brother, too. Alas, you will not call me anymore. L O V E, Elizabeth Fernando Velazco is feeling sad. RIP Aldo Tambellini, a cutting-edge art giant. Gabriel Santorufo: Artist, Aldo Tambellini, majestic,.... Somewhere where a parallel universe exists, somewhere, where the soul in binary code lives, somewhere, where solar winds break the cosmic shell, somewhere, where in another dimension a new energy fertilize the seed, somewhere, where the full potential of the human being can grow, somewhere, where every living matter is connected to cosmic consciousness, somewhere, where sharing universal justice is for all!!.... Thank you, thank you for so much ,.... goodbye..

Giancarlo Bazzano: R.I.P. Maestro, dear friend, mentor. Aldo Tambellini (1930-2020), artist, poet, political activist, experimental film pioneer. “A new world free to revolve to a new tomorrow is not a recycled yesterday”. Aldo Tambellini.

Hope Nankunda: Oh No!! This is so sad. I thank God for what you were able to accomplish. Rest in Peace Dear Aldo Tambellini. Am honored to have met you on this life's journey. Wendy Payne my darling, I know this is a difficult time for you but we Pray for His Soul to Rest Well.

Ina Blom is with Stuart Comer: Truly sad news: Brilliant video, film and multimedia experimenter Aldo Tambellini, born in 1930, just passed away. I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity he gave me to study his work up close in his personal archives and studio and also to Stuart Comer for restaging his pioneering - and mindblowing - Electromedia environments at Tate Modern in 2012, in collaboration with Pia Bolognesi and Giulio Bursi. Imagining blackness in all possible forms, and working closely with poet Calvin C. Hernton, member of the Black Art Movement, Tambellini's work and legacy also seems particularly resonant at this moment.

James Cantrell: Aldo was such a dear friend to me, Nisa and my family. He was truly special and loved. I have such wonderful memories of sitting with him pulling through his childhood sketches of Italy, his poetry, his stories of avant garde life in the Village, his fascination with the blackness of outer space that so heavily influenced his art and performance.
When he and Anna came to our engagement party I was thrilled and more than a little bit honored. About an hour later I look up in a panic and realized I hadn't stopped by to welcome him. As I walked up to his table I noticed he was speaking to my young nephews, who both looked enthralled, while drawing on a napkin for them. That is the Aldo I'll always remember. Sharing, teaching, and everlasting kindness.

Jamie Robinson: Very saddened to hear of Aldo Tambellini's passing this week. A huge influence on mine, and IMPATV's work.

Jeanine Clifford: I met Aldo Tambellini through Aleksey. Two brilliant poets and artists. This was my first pic on FB many many years ago. I picture them now, heads together, discussing everything and nothing. A nice image. Rest easy Aldo. Into the black. And beyond. I am glad I know you.

Jeff Manzelli: Our dear friend Aldo Tambellini passed away. I got to shoot and edit with Aldo Tambellini, and to see his work at Harvard Film Archive as he gained fame in later years. His video works defy description...

Jeremy Rossen: Aldo Tambellini (1930-2020). “Black is the expansion of consciousness in all directions,” Aldo Tambellini said in 1967. “I strongly believe in the word ‘black power’ as a powerful message, for it destroys the old notion of western man, and by destroying that notion it also destroys the tradition of the art concept.” Thankful to have been able to meet with Aldo Tambellini and Anna Salomone here in Cambridge. Aldo’s work as an artist is almost immeasurable and continually grows powerful as the years go on — rare for any artist! The strong undercurrents of Tambellini's 16mm black films still cut through so much of the art being made now. Love to Anna Salomone and the Tambellini Foundation

Jill Netchinsky: ARS LONGA, VITA BREVIS- ADDIO, Aldo Tambellini
"Aldo Tambellini, experimental artist obsessed with black, dies aged 90 ‘Titan’ of the 1960s New York scene, who developed his obsession during the war, received mainstream acclaim in his final years…"

Jim Dunn: God Bless Aldo! And Anna. Keeping’ a good thought tonight for them both.

Joel Stern: Goodbye to the great Aldo Tambellini, what an incredible life in art. Danni Zuvela, Sally Golding and I devoured his 16mm films in Brisbane in the early 2000s, repeatedly lending them from the NFSA - National Film and Sound Archive of Australia and screening them for friends as part of various OtherFilm events. I had the immense fortune to spend time with him and his partner Anna in 2012 spending the night in his studio in MA surrounded by astonishing black paintings and sculptures. A legend.

Joselyn Michelle Almeida: "A new world to revolve tomorrow is not a recycled yesterday." «El mundo nuevo que circulará mañana no es un ayer reciclado.» - - Aldo Tambellini. - i (29 de abril, Lucca, Italia - 12 de noviembre, 2020 Cambridge, Massachusetts). After a life of tireless creation and activism, the world-renown artist Aldo Tambellini unexpectedly left us yesterday. The generosity of his spirt and his extraordinary partner, Ana Salmonese to his family, friends and those who knew him and had the great fortune of being his friends and collaborators will never be forgotten. Aldo's pioneering vision and his commitment for more justice and live in the world will remain with us always. The fight continues, Aldo. Thank you always for your art and inspiration. - Después de una vida de creación y activismo incansables, el artista internacional Aldo Tambellini nos dejó ayer inesperadamente. La generosidad de su espíritu y también de su extraordinaria compañera, Ana Salmonese, para sus familiares, aquellos que tuvieron la gran fortuna de ser sus amigos y colaboradores, y aquellos que lo conocieron jamás pasará al olvido. La visión pionera de Aldo y su compromiso para lograr más justicia y amor en el mundo permanecerá con nosotros siempre. La lucha continua, Aldo. Gracias siempre por tu arte e inspiración.

Judith Revers: R.I.P. dear Aldo Tambellini! It was a great pleasure interviewing you for my PhD research back in 2009. One of the pioneers of art on television has left us. May „Black Gate Cologne“ travel through our universe till the end of times...

Karen Boutet: Very sorry for the loss of Aldo Tambellini.

Katherine Flaherty: A wonderful tribute to Aldo Tambellini in The NY Times. If anyone has a printed copy of this newspaper we would love to have a copy. We have friends looking in Connecticut, Boston and NYC and so far no luck. Thank you and good night.

Lisa Streitfeld: I was writing my post of today’s monumental Pluto/Jupiter Conjunction as it was locking into place and published at the timing of inner/outer manifestation @ 14:38 EST.

Louisa Calio: Aldo Tambellini RIP Sicilian Poet, dear friend, Artist and presenter at Hofstra' Poet's Piazza.

Marci Mehta Lucia: IN THE BEGINNING ALL WAS BLACK -Aldo Tambellini 1930-2020. Godspeed to Aldo.

Marissa Sneed: Yesterday I hope I made you proud! Rest Up Aldo Tambellini. They say god sends his angels to earth to watch over prophets. If I didn’t believe in faith I would say it’s false. But it’s true! You’ve touch me and many lives, but I’ll always owe you mines. I will continue to push your legacy through art and love. Thank you for showing us love has no color.

Markus Nechay: Aldo was my friend. He went to my Artists’ Open Studios and called my art “disturbing” which made me feel “Modern”. As a New York Modernist in the ‘60s, he stood in front of the MOMA next to his wife, who was wearing a costume of Aldo’s fabrication, of a big Screw. He told me NYC at that time was a lot more of a collaborative arts community than in the 80s and 90s. I told him that what I looked for in NYC, I found in Boston. He liked that. Visited him at the hospital and talked about how he wanted to be known and remembered as a painter, but it’s his experimental films that have attracted interest. And he was happy that people had rediscovered him and that he was making a name for himself while he was old and deteriorating. At that time, he made it on the cover of the NYTimes Arts section. Grabbed a stack of those papers with his black blob film image on it from a box at midnight and used them in an assemblage.

Martina Maccianti: Goodbye my eternal mentor and artistic soulmate. What consoles me is knowing that you have always been in the arms of Anna's immense love. As soon as we will find ourselves, among our infinite connected circles. Ciao Aldo, forever and always.

Martina Rossi: "‘Black’ is the expansion of consciousness in all directions." Goodbye Maestro, thanks for letting me write of your inspiring works in my graduation thesis.

Michael Woods From Wheeler Winston Dixon: Thoughts for Aldo Tambellini - we were both working in NYC in the 60s, and for a time he took over the Village Gate Theater with his Black Film series - we were in contact for the past few years - always remember his work had incredible power - another reason why 2020 is the worst year ever - Aldo Tambellini 1930 - 2020 - Rest in Power!

Michiko Imai: I am very honored to have had the opportunity to spend time with you, Aldo and Anna in my life. You encouraged me with various words as an artist … Rest in Peace

Muhammed Asif: Adieu Aldo Tambellini

Nicole Brenez: "Le temps tire avec son fusil video les images sont des balles ciblant l’écran TV la meurtrière de la réalité est une arme pointée sur votre esprit images stockées dans le vidéodisque de l’esprit reconvoquées."
Goodbye dearest Aldo Tambellini, brilliant master of our images from the past, present and future
Ill. Aldo Tambellini, "Black TV", 1964-1968.
"Time shoots with its video gun footage are bullets targeting the screen TV the murderer of reality is a weapon pointed at your mind images stocked in the reconvocated video of the mind."

Ophelia Navarro: RIP dear Aldo Tambellini. Sculptor, Poet, Multimedia Artist (Film/video), Activist, Radical Humanist, and Anti Fascist. We lost a "titan" and a dear friend. I was very lucky to have met you back in 1995 at the Lucy Parsons Bookstore in Central Square. Will never forget gathering there in our poetry circle and listening for hours to stories about your years creating experimental films, sculpture, and paintings in NYC. Thank you for your kind words toward me, which I'll never forget, your generosity of spirit, and for sharing so much of you. And for sharing your copy of a favorite anthology (Concrete Poetry) with me. You inspired so many of us with your warm soul and spirit, your radical poetry and politics, experimental art, and your love. Your energy will live on into eternity, into the black! Rest in Peace, dear Aldo

Pasquale Palladino: Aldo Tambellini. Ci mancherai, ricordo le ultime parole che mi hai detto: "it's a special day and nice that it is so recognized.." #aldotambellini #roma #italia #usa
l'Italia potrebbe dedicargli un articolo, uno solo..
We will miss you, I remember the last words you said to me: ?? it's a special day and nice that it is so recognized.." #aldotambellini #roma #italia #usa
Italy could dedicate one article to it, just one..

Penny Arcade: Aldo Tambellini a defining artist of the 20th century and more is gone into the black he loved so much. A typical art commentator said "Aldo Tambellini was really charasmatic. He was an important artist in the 1960's". You cannot say something so lame about an artist who changed how we see art! That's like saying Van Gogh was an important artist in the 1870's. Fly Aldo! What an honor it is to call you my friend. Love to Anna! I know you are close by her always!

Shandi Bell: RIP my dear friend.

Skip Tenczar: RIP my friend. You've returned to the great blackness of the universe. We still feel your energy

Steve Mulcahy: RIP, my old friend. These are some of the words that come to mind about Aldo: supportive, empathetic, observant, incisive, funny, uncompromising, brilliant, and kind. Always looked out , spoke out, and took action for the poor, the ignored, the oppressed, the underdogs. I knew him for almost a quarter of a century. I hadn’t seen him In five years or so, but we kept in touch on the phone sometimes. He’ll be missed by many.

Steven Ball: Farewell Aldo Tambellini. Aldo, Riccardo, and me, Lucca 2007.

Stuart Comer: We have lost a titan, RIP Aldo Tambellini (1930-2020). A force in the history of experimental media and the foundation of NYC’s counter-cultural environment, he worked with a rich spectrum of collaborators from Otto Piene, Yayoi Kusama, Jack Smith, and Nam June Paik to Ishmael Reed and Norman Pritchard. Organizing his project for the first season of The Tanks at Tate Modern in 2012 remains an honor and a career highlight for me. Enormous thanks to Anna Salamone, Pia Bolognesi and Giulio Bursi for their heroic efforts to ensure Aldo’s legacy will thrive.

Taru Bala at Austin Film Society: In 2017, I was proud to bring a program of Aldo Tambellini’s films, to Austin, TX via the Experimental Response Cinema collective, of which I was a member of for almost 5 years. My ex-husband and I had the privilege of scoring the last film on that program, live. I am in total shock right many wonderful memories of Anna and Aldo together.......thank you to everyone at AFS for making that screening possible. I am at a complete loss for words, I will miss Aldo very much....... Tommaso Di Tommaso: Ciao Aldo

William Turville: Oh dear...this so sad and such a big loss. A true art pioneer. It was wonderful that Karen Boutet and Alan Nidle brought him to Zeigeist. A wonderful guy and a great couple. And superb media art.

Source: [Nov 12 through Nov 15, 2020]

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