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Produced inco-working with Anthony Tenczar | 15:07 min | 2005

PLOT: UNH-Manchester professor Anthony Tenczar’s collaborative work with media artist/poet Aldo Tambellini, as Best Experimental Film in 2006. The cinematography award winner received a film grant. The film also won the Best Experimental Film Award at the New England Film and Video Festival in October 2005 and was recently screened at the 44th Ann Arbor Film Festival. Tenczar worked with Tambellini, a pioneering experimental film artist of the 1960s, to enable the 75-year-old to return to media after a nearly two-decade hiatus. “Listen” is based on Tambellini’s social and political poetry and confronts today’s world situation through spoken word, written text and manipulated mass media imagery. Tenczar worked as co-director, editor and videographer on the project.

As a survivor of WWII in Italy, when at the age of 13 ½, my neighborhood was bombed by the B-23 on the Day of the Epiphany, 44. Twenty-one of my neighbors were killed and many wounded. LISTEN to the collateral damage of war! The killing fields, the young soldiers wasted lives. Why War? Asks a child. —Aldo Tambellini