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Listen 2005 | click & viewLISTEN | 2005 | DVD | 17 min | Anthony Tenczar’s collaborative work with media artist/poet Aldo Tambellini. Tenczar worked with Tambellini, to enable the 75-year-old to return to media after a nearly two-decade hiatus. “Listen” is based on Tambellini’s social and political poetry and confronts today’s world situation through spoken word, written text and manipulated mass media imagery.   video

Black Is 1965 | click & viewBLACK IS | 1965 | black and white | sound | 4 min | This experimental film was made entirely without the use of a camera. "Working directly on 16mm ... I scratched, perforated, drew,used acid and other substances on the surface of the leader. ... The movement of the projector (30 frames per second) created the animated rhythm of the film. To get down to the essentials: light and motion."  video

Black Trip #1, 1965 | click & viewBLACK TRIP #1 | 1965 | 16mm | black and white | sound | 5 minutes | This film is pure abstraction after the manner of a Jackson Pollock. Through the uses of kinescope, video, multimedia, and direct painting on film, an impression is gained of the frantic action of protoplasm under a microscope where an imaginative viewer may see the genesis of it all. (Grove Press Film Catalog)  video

Black Trip #2, 1965 | click & viewBLACK TRIP #2 | 1967 | 16mm | black and white | sound | 3 min | An internal probing of the violence and mystery of the American psyche seen through the eye of a black man and the Russian revolution.  video

Blackout, 1965 | click & viewBLACKOUT | 1965 | 16mm | black and white | sound | 9 min | This film, like an action painting by Franz Kline, is a rising crescendo of abstract images. Rapid cuts of white forms on a black background supplemented by an equally abstract soundtrack give the impression of a bombardment in celestial space or on a battlefield where cannons fire on an unseen enemy into the night.  video

Black TV, 1968 | click & viewBLACK TV | 1968 | 9:33 min | The film is an artist's sensory perception of the violence of the world we live in, projected through a television tube. Tambellini presents it subliminally in rapid-fire abstractions in which such horrors as Robert Kennedy's assassination, murder, infanticide, prize fights, police brutality at Chicago, and the war in Vietnam are out-of focus impressions of faces and events.  video

Black Plus X, 1969 | click & viewBLACK PLUS X | 1969 | 8:30 min | The "X" of BLACK PLUS X, is a filmic device by which a black person is instantaneously turned white by the mere projection of the negative image. The time is summer, and the place is an oceanside amusement park where black children are playing in the surf and enjoying the rides, quite oblivious to Tambellini's tongue-in-cheek "solution" to the race problems.  video


Harvard Film Archives, Cambridge, MA
Museum of Modern America Art, Washington, DC
Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY (Black TV)

Links zu weiteren Infos:  Experimental Television Center, Newark Valley, NY