July 31, 1997

keep poetry out of politics they say
(meaning no political poetry)
there is a universe in printed words

inside encyclopedias & dictionaries
not to mention academic libraries
& all the personal introspective Freudian poems
I say: & so much love to fill a mighty nation with hate

admire the illusory passing movement
see free enticing sensuous seductive forms in motion
taking ordinary space into a new dimension
reserved for mighty powerful
rulers guarded by law enforcement agents

look you cannot touch a space
named liberty surnamed freedom – it's that simple

dreaming of a pomegranate breast
each seed a nipple nourishing a world
full of rain forests with herbs - fruits - roots & seeds
sprouting from a fertile vagina
to begin a generation anew
communicating through the insects' antennas
that no one should auction human lives

the TV screen has huge smiling teeth
chewing - grinding - swallowing
the mouth of an angel with draconian wings
sucking desires from the jugular vein
a virgin apparition that says:
buy that special seat in heaven
now before the sale is over

one day I'll write that poem
about fantasy island
where they all live harmoniously forever e
ven a man & a woman together
sucking an erotic placebo with their tongues
releasing a slow sustained orgasm
through multicolored painted toenails

a day when touching gold
will spread gangrene in the body
shrinking the heart to a lead penny
& the brain crumbled in worthless dollar bills

yesterday july 30'97 astronomers discovered
the most distant galaxy estimated 13 billion light years away
the hubble telescope searching intergalactic space
could not find blood st.

why so much sarcasm says the merchant
I'll sell you an infinity car on a downpayment
with a free tank of gas & a life insurance
deal so you can take a ride to Saturn
& if god forbid something would happen
the policy will cover the burial
take a ride toward a positive direction

your poems (if you can call them so)
have bullets filled with rat poison
shooting at a hippopotamus walking on stilts
they miss the optimistic American outlook on life
that's when I spotted an unnoticeable caterpillar
voraciously devouring a leaf
then a million made the forest naked

turned the radio on & it said:
"it's easier to kill a worker than a rabbit in the backyard"
then switched to a station
with the weather report on mars & venus
"keep poetry out of politics" I said
"it's not a lucrative business not even a profession
what is there to compete I do not know"
then I turned on TV for inspiration

suddenly it came to mind lines
written years past: "death would be too alive
but they are dying a continuous death
as if life & death never came
as if they had the formula for dying"

busy street full of people
wondering what was that lost poem all about