March 21, 1995

              get the poor off the street
                      & ship them to nowhere oblivion
                     get the objectionable unsavory sight far away
                     dispersing with endangered species
                     & then forget they ever existed
                     there is no place for poverty
                     in cosmetic democracy

              get the poor off the street
                     & let neglect & time
                     consume their remaining days
                     evaporating their existence into air

              get the rich to wall street
                     to invest in third world country cheap labor
                     then build cultural monuments
                     with deductible tax dollars
                     with the artists glorifying their wealth

              make the rich super-rich
                     to be mentors & models
                     of successful democracy in action
                     for the world to emulate

              but for God’s sake
                     get the damn poor off the street
                     anywhere out of here
                     anywhere to disperse
                     out of sight.