August 29, 1990

at a press conference a reporter asked
“What about the poor & homeless in America, Mr. President ?”

the president says:
            now wait a minute
            we do not throw people in the streets
            our government has deep compassion
            for the lives of every american citizen
            everyone is precious to us
            take the hostages for example
            to save their lives
            we do whatever it takes
            using armed force
            if we have to
            the people you see
            living in the street or in shelters
            is another story
            they have not taken advantage
            of what has been indiscriminately offered
            to every citizen in this country
            the poor elderly & homeless
            are the unfortunate cases
            who did not properly reach out
            to the wonderful opportunity
            of the american quality of life
            why it’s obvious
            that the rest of the world
            is in the process of adopting
            our free entrepreneurial
            capitalistic system
            while some misfortunate ones
            in our country
            have fallen short of realizing that vision
            we are a government
            of deep compassion
            ……… question please