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SCREW ON! | New York, 1962

Aldo Tambellini: Screw on!, view 1Aldo Tambellini: Screw on!, view 2

In the spirit of the NO!art manifestations of the old boys and young girls at the March Gallery on East Tenth Street, and the Peace demonstrations Agitprop of Sam Goodman and other NO!artists (with whom I had a close personal relationship):

I put into reality, into the truth of the streets, THE EVENT OF THE SCREW protest- performance, July 12th 1962, in front of the Modern Art, Whitney, and Guggenheim Museums.

I bequeathed to those art business institutions, the award of the GOLDEN SCREW. My broad-sheet THE SCREW, published in its #5 edition, the musical score and lyrics of THE SONG OF THE SCREW, which was performed by the Puerto Rican singing group THE BELLE-TONES. My wife Elsa was the dancer who performed inside the OVERSIZE SCREW, which per requirement of the law, was topped with our country's banner. A young elementary school teacher, Myrna Fine, presented the AWARD OF THE SCREW, a hardware SCREW painted IN GOLD, on a black velvet cushion, to an art-Capo of the Modern Art Museum. I didn't hear from any of the art mausoleums, for a long time. They didn't telephone me, to SCREW UP their business.

Meanwhile, the NO!-struggle without any lethal weapons, it must be happening some underground place, despite the turn-coat Pop-artists, and Yuppie SCREWED contemporary auction-fashions.