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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.





2018  FLASHES OF THE FUTURE | Ludwig Forum, Aachen/GERMANY
2013  WE ARE THE PRIMITIVES OF A NEW ERA | James Cohan Gallery, New York
2012  RETRACING BLACK | Tate Modern, London
2011  BLACK ZERO | Chelsea Art Museum, New York
2010  BLACK IS | Pierre Meinard Gallery, Cambridge, MA
2008  INTERSTITIAL ZONES | Argos Centre for Art & Media, Brussels
2007  THE WRITER'S BRUSH | Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge, MA
           A CULTURAL HISTORY OF SYRACUSE | Thinc's Company Gallery, Syracuse
2006  STONE SOUP POETRY | Out of the Blue Art Gallery, Cambridge
           GUERRILLA ART | Altered Esthetics, Mineapolis/MINNESOTA
2005  CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS | Russian Samovar, New York
           WILD BOYS, BAD BOYS, OUTSIDERS, AND ORIGINALS | Clayton Gallery, New York
2003  NO!-ON SHOW | Gallery Berliner Kunstprojekt, Berlin
           POETRY FOR RESISTANCE AND LIBERATION | Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge
1994  NO!art with Boris Lurie and Isser Aronovici | Clayton Gallery, New York
1980  Photography and Video Work | The Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, New York
1979  TWO-WAY LIVE | Boston Film and Video Foundation, Boston, MA
           International Biennial Exhibition of Graphic and Visual Art | Vienna, 1979
1978  CENTERBEAAM | D.C., C.A.V.S./M.I.T., Washington, D.C.
           AESTHETICS AND TECHNOLOGY | The Institute of Design, Offenbach am Main
1977  CENTERSCREEN VISITING ARTIST SERIES | Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
           CENTERBEAM | C.A.V.S./M.I.T., documenta 6, Kassel
1976  The Media Study Center, Buffalo, New York
1975  FROM FILM TO VIDEO | Anthology Film Archives, New York
           ARTTRANSITION | C.A.V.S./M.I.T., Cambridge, MA
1974  PROJEKT '74 | Koelnischer Kunstverein, Cologne
1973  10th ANNUAL AVANT GARDE FESTIVAL | Grand Central Station, Manhattan
           15 AMERICAN VIDEO ARTISTS | Centre Culturel Americain, Paris
1971  8th ANNUAL AVANT GARDE FESTIVAL | 69th Regiment Infantry Armory, Manhattan
           CINEPROBE | Museum of Modern Art, New York
           A SPECIAL VIDEO SHOW | Whitney Museum, New York
1969  7th ANNUAL AVANT GARDE FESTIVAL | Wards Island and Mill Rock Island
           TELEVISION AS A CREATIVE MEDIUM | Howard Wise Gallery, New York
           BLACK GATE DUESSELDORF with Otto Piene | Duesseldorf, 1969
1968  Museum Wallraf-Richartz, Cologne